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Your jaw, your body, your life. Jaw and lifechoreography by you are the point.

Holistic body awareness from head to toe


From my experience as a dentist, I have found that all diffuse tooth and jaw pain is to bring in relation with an unbalanced thinking, feeling and body pattern.

From my experience as a yoga coach, I realized that we consist to 100% of energy, and it is our gift and mission to keep it going.

As a choreographer and dancer, I've experienced that expressing your imagination has a healing effect on your mind and soul.

These experiences formed the basis of my integral method (Lamprianidou method). The Lamprianidou method encompasses the observation of both your whole body unit as well as your feeling patterns. Your way of life (diet, posture), your perception and your breathing are the key elements to bring you back into balance.

My integral method embeds choreography and movement, through which we create new spaces, new possibilities within you. The temporomandibular joint and its movement are often the focus, as my approach is that complete relaxation does not occur without reference to the temporomandibular joint.
"We hold on so tightly to our lives with our jaw, when we let go of our life & of our jaw we can just surrender."


After 10 Sessions of Life Choreography I was ready to take self responsibility and start to be the conductor of my life. The way how Angela is focusing the sessions and how the body, the mind and the soul is working together is unique. I really can recommend her "You are the point" to humans who wants to wake up and be ready to enjoy life.

M.Diener (Artist)

I met Angela at a Jaw-Release-Workshop at Marameo. She impressed me with her knowledge and her poise in a way that I started to see her for coaching. My whole life I had problems with my jaw and as a dentist I tried out different therapies. Angela is the first therapist that combines her medical knowledge with her experiences as a Yoga teacher and dancer. Her concept is holistic and treats the patient individually to meet his needs. With her kinesiological skills she can immediately test if her approach is right. She teaches the patient exercises so that he can help himself. She looks for hidden trauma and resolves it in her own special way. I feel so much lighter! Thank you, dear Angela!

Dr.A.Presting-Koite (Dentist)

Angela has the gift to heal in a unique way. Her expanded knowledge in combination with a lot of personal experience, and her specific empathy, is alluring. These elements manage to access a profound recovery process - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Personally I can say, that I had to go through several years of suffering teeth grinding, with painful tensions in the entire head and back area, chronic sinusitis and tinnitus, and just after countless physiotherapy sessions, acupuncture and other good and short-term effective approaches such as Rolfing and coaching - finally Angela showed me a way to release my tension independently. And through daily exercises I could start understanding the connections. I was able to transform unhealthy behaviour and thought patterns and habits in the long run, and I am pain-free now. Im living my life with much more energy. Through her specific presence, and the unconventional holistic approach Angela opens the doors to real healing, and getting to know her is a gift. Thank you very much!

V.Weiss (Architect, Munich)

Angela Lamprianidou is a great choreographer, artist and teacher who I worked with several times. I recommend her to all performers who love to work with energy, movement, voice and who want to access the inner self in a performative way.

S.Thüring (choreographer/dancer)

Angela is a lifechoreographer with two extraordinary abilities: on one hand she sees through you and your issues, even if you are not yet quite aware of them. This is what happened with me when we met some time ago and she asked me about a specific are of my body. At the time I had no problem with it, at least not anything serious. But I turned to her when things flared up. On the other hand, Angela cares deeply and shows it in both conventional and unconventional ways, treating body and mind as one and creating conditions when both seem to happily flow along each other. Angela has helped me a lot, not least because of her overwhelming care and perseverance.

A.Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (Prof of Law, UK)

I came to see Angela amidst an emotional crisis, where I was feeling a lot of confusion and anxiety. She guided me into hidden spaces of my psyche, which were quite illuminating to unravel – allowing more repressed feelings to emerge and to express. Angela has a unique energy that feels confrontational and loving at the same time. I am amazed of Angela’s gift in instigating communication with the unconscious to our conscious mind and body, to instill new meaning, magic and healing.

S.Kwoyin (Healer, Los Angeles)

Angelas words are really hitting the point. Right into what really matters, her words were guiding me to find more clarity, freedom and lightness within myself and inner dialogues. For anyone who feels stuck - this work does help to get yourself moving forward into a more fully and attuned felt sense of what life is and has to offer. Angela´s has a lovely and joyful way which is absolutely contagious.

Rena Schulte (complementary medicine)

With her warm laughter and peaceful focus, Angela accompanied me on a journey to myself. She raises awareness for the interdepence of the jaw with the other parts of the body and the mind. The exercises she has developed both help me to relax my jaw and sensitize me to situations in which I otherwise unconsciously clench my teeth. Her sessions do not follow a strict routine. Rather, she adapts the program to the circumstances and desires of the particular day. Each session with Angela makes me feel as relaxed as if I had just received a wonderful massage. Ευχαριστώ, dear Angela!

Prof.Dr.R.Janal (Lawyer)

Angela guides me through the dark subconscious waters of my sea goat self, helping me find my point, and thus be more present in the earthy realm.

L.Merseburg (Director of "Imagine swimming", NYC)

Angela's work is unique, as is Angela herself. She is very sensitive and when I greet her, she already knows how I feel. I came to her because of tensions in my jaw and she helps me to create a new consciousness there, to perceive it again. Also on other levels my consciousness is expanding, I perceive feelings and sensations that were previously unconscious to me. Each session with her is different, adapted to my needs. The work is insightful and at the same time challenging, because previously repressed themes, feelings and beliefs come up. I have been tempted several times not to come back, not to make another appointment, out of fear of the pain that would come up. But time after time I felt that working with Angela was changing something. The pain comes and it goes again, it is transformed into something new and powerful. I also know that I am not alone, but supported by Angela in this process. Thank you for that, Angela! I am curious to see what valuable discoveries and experiences I can gather on our way together.

S.Zumkley (Student)

Working with Angela on the root sources of stress that led to severe TMJ has been transformative for my health and receptivity to my body. She has taught me habits, breathing patterns, and movements that have allowed me to stop holding tension in my jaw — freeing up my energy and reducing my chronic pain. If you are feeling pain and stiffness, she will make the difference that you need by working in concert with a dynamic toolkit that can enhance many other forms of treatment. Thank you Angela.

T.Simpson (Manager)

Angela Lamprianidou combines human medical knowledge with complementary healing methods in her work. Her holistic work is profound, supportive and unique. She has touched me at all levels of my being (body, mind and soul).

M.S.Kiepe (Osteopath, Physiotherapist & Trainer)

As soon as the first session ended I felt most centered. The insights and exercises help me to stay more grounded and level out my decision making process. I feel more confident and self assured in my relationships. Angela has guided to help me relearn my true self. Thank you!

C.Candelario (Aesthetician, NYC)

Thank You Angela, for helping me help myself and Your beautiful presence! I felt very secure and suddenly everything seemed to be so simple and easy. I´m very thankful for the intensity and the lasting effects of our session! You make a difference! It makes me full of joy and energy!


I’m neither a teeth grinder or presser and I never felt my jaw was an area of concern for me. Thus I thought that this class would be not for me - until I went! The class Angeliki has devised here is something very special and unusual. Yes it's contains Yoga elements but in a very distilled, refined, specialized way that tell a lot about Angelikis years of multidisciplinary experience as a dancer, choreographer, Yoga teacher, dentist…all condensed in this beautifully relaxing class. Angeliki is a very engaged, charismatic and encouraging teacher with a sharp eye and profound intuition. I entered the class with a heavy mind and left relaxed and at peace. Even my sleep and the day after I felt calmer and more balanced as usual. Beautiful! It is hard to describe the release happening in this class, it’s best to be experienced with lovely Angeliki as your guide and lovely people around you. Thank you dear Angeliki and keep up this pioneering work!

L.Wagner (Actor)

Angela is competent at all levels. As a dancer, chreographer and energy-shifter she has opened up worlds for me.

M.Glaesner (Rhythm-teacher & Musician)

Angela has shown a great talent to fascinate and motivate students. Diving into the experience of contemporary dance, the students were captured by Angela's genius as a teacher and artist.

Prof.Dr.M.Warstatt (Chair of Theater and Media Studies Nuernberg, Germany)

Angela Lamprianidou’s charisma and very kind and competent nature have made these days a unique experience. I left her class with new self-esteem, strength and newly found courage for my future life.

K.Abendroth (teacher)

I’ve recently started working with Angela and I have to say she knows me way than I do myself. :) I feel understood and in good hands. She helps me a lot with her energy work to solve old pattern, attitudes and traumata of mine. I’m very happy and thankful that we have met and would like to thank her very much for her work. Thank you.


Having Angela as a teacher is the best thing that could happen to me. An experience of awareness for all the senses - thank you Angela!

S.Alburg (self-taught yoga teacher)

Angela is a special teacher of energetics, she is shifting your energy with a profound knowledge, her unique style is to bring you into the body by using your brain and your voice at the same time. I learned how to concentrate, with help of her techniques. Her techniques create frictions which lead to satisfaction.

N.Hildebrandt (Health Educator)

In her classes I reached a border, which I had ignored and not been wanting to see before. I noticed it, and was able to acknowledge it – Angela has been wonderful in supporting me in that process.

I.Marcovheccio (dancer and lecturer)

Through years of professional experience as a dentist, I've found that the mouth is a largely unknown and underrated place. The mouth, as the site of kisses, enjoyment, taste, digestion, of chewing, is where upper and lower jaw are meeting. Teeth are a memory storage of the past and also for words that were spoken.

I facilitate you to work preventively for the health of your whole body. A holistic dental consultation is the foundation of this process, which specifically addresses and heals your individual concerns. After receiving a balanced, holistic medical anamnesis, we will create an individual exercise program that is specially tailored to the particular body constitution. Muscle tension or inflammation can be the result of a wrong occlusion (upper and lower jaw relation) which in turn can lead to extreme TMJ problems. Diffuse toothache or a poor posture can be an indication for these causations.

TMJ disorders and toothache are mainly caused by teeth grinding and teeth chattering. Repressed feelings, anger, or "sour" thoughts manifest in the teeth and in the jaw muscles and cause you to clench your teeth. Nowhere else you can hold on to anything as easily as between your upper and lower jaw.

Try to squeeze your hands with all your strength and as long as you can. How does that feel? The same thing happens in your oral cavity, but you do not realize it, because it happens subconsciously. This sort of misconduct produces an extreme pressure on the teeth, causing trauma and creating many unwanted effects. That's why I developed a special holistic treatment for people who have problems in that area. If you´re interested in the process, please send me your x-ray images by email.

Often a healthy tooth receives a root canal treatment because it's actually traumatized: I'll help you release that trauma.

Mouth, lips, and teeth are parts of the body that lie on each other accurately (in most cases). One side of the jaw, Maxialla (upper jaw) - fits the lower jaw (mandible). These two halves act as a whole when we speak, kiss and chew. This function is only possible because these two halves are connected by a temporomandibular joint. We have various joints in the body and often the TMJ as such is given too little attention, although it is the only joint that is usually operating unconsciously. Around 90% of people clatter and grind their teeth and thus continuously strain this joint. I have created a preventive method that relaxes the TMJ and helps you feel more about yourself and ultimately contribute to a holistic improvement in your health.

Yoga means union – union of body, mind and soul.

Shrivivek Yoga is a combination of meditation, concentration exercises, postures, nutrition and breathing techniques. It increases your perception, your physical strength, and your general wellbeing and energetic flow. Shriviek Yoga was started by the master Swami Vivekananda, who said: Live your life. Don´t try to understand it, as an understanding is gained while living. So be alive. Another thing he said was: If you know what you need, then you are a lucky and happy person.

As a yoga coach, I've realized that breathing is the key to perfect concentration. Our general goal is to harmonize your central nervous system and to stabilize it over long term. We will work on your current needs individually.

Many people ask me about what the most important thing in life is: Why don´t you try to stop breathing? Then you´ll feel it.

I take a functionalist, holistic approach, which is centered around you personally. What else if not you? Our sessions will be committed to your body and your energy.

We are working on the choreography of your life.

Do you need chili, or curry? Or a completely different mix? Lets find it out together! I will support you in bringing your visions to life. Let me help you find inspiration and regain clarity. Together we are going to determine the meaning of you being in this situation that you are currently at. We will compose what you really want to experience, step by step!

The approach is designed to cater to each individual: My clients include artists, bankers, opera singers, managers and office workers – people who want to get into a flow from head to toe.

Let's take a look at life as a big stage. From Tarzan to Jane, from Superman to Superwoman, from English to Greek, from oriental bazaar seller to rock idol? Or even Queen Elizabeth? Often it is helpful to swap roles in order to rediscover our uniqueness along that process.

Out of the head, into the body: What do you need to be empowered? Lets have a journey through your own personal vision and lets make it crystal clear. My answer is: You are the point.

All appointments via telephone Mo - Sa 8:00 am – 10:00 am or via e-mail.
+49 (0)176 – 63 45 93 37

Online sessions via FaceTime Zoom or Skype

Place Holzmarkt 25, Haus 4 Stock 2 IKSK
Monday 11-17h
Wednesdays: 12-18h
Thursdays: 14-18h


Initial session 1½ h 160 €
each further 130 €
5er Session 600 €

Please think of to cancel an appointment 24h in time.
Otherwise you have to pay the amount of 100€ for the session.


Further education in advanced energy psychology with Astrid Vlamynck, specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, psychoanalysis in Berlin

2010 – 2015

Yoga Coach Certificate, Shrivivek Centrum Barcelona

2003 – 2008

Diploma Choreography and new methods of interpretation, Institut del teatre Barcelona

1995 – 2000

Ballettakademie Nürnberg/Fürth, Class of Henrike Guha and Dr. Klaus Hess Buschmann

1992 – 1999

State examination dentistry, Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen

1985 – 1988

Dance education with Luis Mijares und Arnaldo Alvarez u.a

Angela Lamprianidou was born in Greece and grew up in Essen, where she started her dance education. From 2003 to 2008, she studied choreography and new techniques of interpretation in Barcelona at the Institut del Teatre. She completed her studies in composition, dance history and staging with a Cum Laude. As a lecturer she works nationally and internationally, in Athens, Barcelona, Norway, Berlin and India. She also teaches at universities such as the Film and Theater Academy Erlangen / Nuremberg. In addition to her numerous activities abroad as a workshop leader and lecturer, she has worked on numerous internationally recognized dance and theatre pieces such as SITz, ALIHOP, APPOINTMENT ON STAGE or TANZ HIN TANZ HER. (

Health insurance is already wrong as a word. Rather than start acting when its too late, I would like to see an emphasis on preventive work, so that people get an understanding of the relationship between body, mind and soul. This aspect has moved her to the Theta Healing training (after Vivian Stibal). Her work also includes elements of the small-scale technique she studied with Barbara Mahler, as well as NLP Technique and Bonding from the training courses with Astrid Vlaminck (Doctor of Psychology), as well as influences from the dance and art world of teachers and colleagues such as Michell Swennen, Lali Melo, Pina Bausch, Roberto Fratini, David Zambrano, Ann Mittelholzer, Mathilde van de Meerendonk, Felix Ruckert, Henrike Guha, dr. Klaus Hess Buschman, as among other.

I love to advise you from head to toe - from tooth to joint, from skin to organ! Above all, I would love to choreograph your life with you: What are your strengths? How do you get back into your power?

If you want to see more of me as an artist:


Angela Lamprianidou

Holzmarkt 25

10243 Berlin

postal address:

Wartburgstrasse 47
10823 Berlin, Deutschland

appointment via Telephone
Mo – Sa 8:00 am – 10:00 am
+49 (0)176 – 63 45 93 37

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Often there are signs that we do not feel or do not want to feel, and if these feelings are ignored, physical imbalances occur.

1. You are ignoring or can not “listen” to the underlying reason.
2. Your perception needs to get trained to perceive and change specific patterns.
3. Lethargy, uncertainty!
4. Acidification, and so on...

As we hold on to not lose ourselves, we lose even more! The 4th point is the beginning of a local chain of physical reactions! Hyperacidity is a lot about thoughts and feelings, to 33% the diet.

I accompany you and advise you professionally in all areas, so that you can expand your personal growth and increase your perception. Meanwhile you let go of baggage that does not serve you any longer!

You are the Point came into being as an artistic project and also takes place in the form of a series of workshops, that I conduct and teach internationally.

The format encompasses the performative work with the inner self, energy, movement, language and voice.

The feedback of my participants who stated that I am able to guide humans in a unique way, has inspired me to create a holistic concept of you are the point.

In the last 2 years I have actively searched for a method that would create an interlinkage of my approach and practice. This search has brought to life a approach that works on several layers and combines all my competences of performative work, dental medicine, and simultaneously integrates my knowledge from numerous training courses.

The integration of yoga enables a format that operates holistically and places movement as its foundation. Throughout the years I was able to work out several strategies, that are dedicated to various target groups such as Yoga for teeth grinders.

More about me see above.