From NOW to Now
My invitation to you is this Performance to explore 
the ability of the sensitivity of your body-mind and soul in motion. 
From where we share our Now, "From Now to Now" is also an invitation 
to interact. You enter into an empty space NOW.

We begin as a group  to court each other vis a vis. Enter through 
five stations of healing within three different organs to shine even 
more as they already do: heart, liver and brain - reach out through a talk, 
relate deeply through eye contact, a heart touch and a liver screaming.
This will lead us into a liberating  dance.
Simply romantic – this performance experience 
is a mélange of somatic sensing and creative poetry! 
We meet eye to eye, face to face body to body. 

A shamanistic experience to share and be shared, to trust 
and be trusted, and at least an opening to receive - whatever 
and in what ever you want to expand, be sure you will do it!

credits: Choreography conept A. Lamprianidou
Colaboration with the Musrara festval Yerusalem 2020
Space in and outdoor possible.100m2 minimum
Premiere: June 2020 Israel Musrara Festival
´cause of covid canxxxxxxcelled