Homεmotion is welcoming you
A place to expand and create new visions

Welcome all good people with good vibrations!
I introduce the new residency space in Athens Centre, Greece. 
Very happy to collaborate also with the old performing place Booze in Athens.

Residency begins on 14.2.2020 & deadline for registration is 30.12.2019

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, I am very pleased to announce you 
the following artists, who will stay at HomEmotion:

1.9.2019 - 31.1.2020 Maiyvonne Arnaud (FR)

14.2. - 15.5.2020 Fabia Kuhlmann (GER)
- - - ( https://salon.io/miffy-the-king ) - - - 

31.7. - 31.10.2020 Hanna Norrna (SWE)

Registration & more information: