Homεmotion is welcoming you
A place to expand and create new visions

Dear artists, I am very pleased to present HomEmotion,
the new residence for multidisciplinary artists at the Athens center.
HomEmotion also collaborates with the old performance place Booze in Athens.

HomEmotion opened for the first time in September 2019
and I am very pleased to introduce to you the following artists
who have been or will be in this place to create:

1.9.2019 - 31.1.2020 Maiyvonne Arnaud (FR)

14.2. - 15.5.2020 Fabia Kuhlmann (GER)
- - - ( https://salon.io/miffy-the-king ) - - - 

31.7. - 31.10.2020 Hanna Norrna (SWE)

We open our call for artists
for the period of 1.11.2020-31.7.2021
Please find all information here: