An old woman is prisoner of her past.
Released by her fears, lets her free,
so the story begins,
counting down to the 20´s.

Time is inspired into the short life
of the dancer Anita Berber (1899-1928),
who acted during the 20´s decade.
In correspondence, the choreography of
Time is consisting into the mix of the
expressionist dance, with improvisation
and contemporary elements. Central theme
are the 20´s, in which this style
created and reached its best period.

The intention is to incorporate the
spirit and atmosphere of the 20´s,
a very intensive decade with lots
of changes and revolutions,
into the aesthetic of our.

Production: 2002-2003

Direction: Marion Hassler, A.Lamprianidou
Choreography & Dance: Angela Lamprianidou
Scenics: Giorgos Nouvakis
Wardrobe: Natalie Hoffmann, A.Lamprianidou
Light&Sound: Camelo Guino, Paul Rose
Music: John Cage, Cirque de Solei, Josephine Baker, John Cale

Technical Details:
Stage: min 20x25 ft indoor performance,
possibility to hang scenic from the ceiling
Misc: CDplayer, light & scenics (click here)
Duration: 55 min

performed 2002/03 in Barcelona and at Arena Festival/Erlangen