An old woman is prisoner of her past. 
Released by her fears, lets her free, 
so the story begins, 
counting down to the 20's. 

Time is inspired into the short life 
of the dancer Anita Berber (1899-1928), 
who acted during the 20's decade. 
In correspondence, the choreography of 
Time is consisting into the mix of the 
expressionist dance, with improvisation 
and contemporary elements. Central theme 
are the 20's, in which this style 
created and reached its best period. 

The intention is to incorporate the 
spirit and atmosphere of the 20's, 
a very intensive decade with lots 
of changes and revolutions, 
into the aesthetic of our. 

Production: 2002-2003 

Direction: Marion Hassler, A.Lamprianidou 
Choreography: Angela Lamprianidou 

Dancer: A.Lamprianidou 

Scenics: Giorgos Nouvakis 
Wardrobe: Natalie Hoffmann, A.Lamprianidou 
Light&Sound: Camelo Guino, Paul Rose 
Music: John Cage, Cirque de Solei, 
Josephine Baker, John Cale 

Technical Details: 

Stage: min 20x25 ft.indoor performance, 
possibility to hang scenic from the ceiling 
Misc: CDplayer, scenics (click here) 
Duration: 55 min 

performed 2002/03 in Barcelona and at Arena Festival/Erlangen