"SITz" declines the paradox of a 
dynamic world that exists beyond 
any possibility of occupying the 
upper quarters of erect stance, 
still seeking its dance, 
the paradigm of its unsteadiness. 
Sitz is the fickle, and thus never 
-ending, dance of the homo sedens, 
who typically based his vision 
of history on a basic contrast 
between erect actors and a sitting 
audience, between doing and watching, 
starring and "witnessing".  
For that very reason, the social 
and cultural protocols of sitting 
(and their perverted choreographies) 
are of special concern to women,  
the comprimarie (and almost force-
fully the biological audience) 
of a rather macho history. 

Choreography & artistic direction: A.Lamprianidou 
Dancers: Julia Koch,Mireia de Querol,A.Lamprianidou 
Escenography: Silvia Delagneau 
Music: P.Rose,C.Galle/InstitutFatima 
Lights: Ignasi Llorens 
collaborators: mercat de les flors,dansa mes+ a prop,institut del teatre 

management spain: *Anso Raybut* PĂ©rez 

Technical Details: 

dancefloor linoleum white 
(black is also possible...) 
Stage: min 10x10 m 
2 cd player 
3 ambient micros 
1 wireless micro (wireless) 
lightplan we will sent... 

more information: angela@lamprianidou.com 
read what Sara Blaylock or Emma Haro says about it...

Premiere at Mercat de les Flors
9th May 2010 21.00h