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Waiting for the future makes us remember the past,
 we remember waiting for the future.

From this point of view the artist asks herself,
where are the lived moments,the moments that
constitute the past.Our memories are our lived
moments,even though the happiness based on
Pascal doesn´t exist,they are those moments that
allow us to explore the material happiness of
the flesh,even though they only last 3 seconds.

Parting from this phrase that the present lasts
3 seconds,Angela Lamprianidou puts together the
different short cut sequences full of memories
and experiments of the present in the particular
reflexion of Being Here and Now.

The dancer starts with a pair of showings in
form of a literary voyage.An insect lands
from the nowhere and forms from the background
a couple of figures alluding to the
Silent movies in an immediate present,
moving away from what a taxidermist
could have of the view of the past.

 short cuts collage
 5th November 2008

  at Casa Elizalde (
  valencia 302 tel 934880590 08009 Barcelona