Once eyes open, once eyes closed, life is over

What is life ?
Am I homeless ?
How I love &
how I want to be loved ?

These themes, which make reflection
to the old greek philosophy, are
the main points of this film.
In what time are we living,
and how do we permit ourselves
to be true to our illusions ?

Are the fears stronger then the will ?
Is there any difference if you grow
up in a foreign country ?
Life can be over fast, why don´t
we live it as we want ?

Love is a dream, life an illusion.

Production: 1999

Direction: A.Lamprianidou

Camera: Marion Hassler
Assistent: Christine Brandner
Sound: Christine Töls

Interprets: Alekos Angeloukos, Alexis Arafakis,
Janis Tiko, Kevin Guana, Andy Morice Müller,
Markus Kunze, A.Lamprianidou, Klaus Hedrik,
Fernando Fernandez, Abdul Harnidi, Sigve Haug