Loop pictures the vibrating gravity that surrounds us.
The speed of contemporay life is transforming bodies into
shaking spasmatic movements, as heard in Janis Christu´s
music, as to be seen in A.Lamprianidous performance.

We are in the 21st century and theatre has to become reality and not fiction.
I wish that Loop, as it is created in a very plastic character and works
as a picture due to her reiteration will penetrate with the critique
it contains to the observer.

That´s why I wish Loop to get the opportunity to be performed
in public areas,so people of all ages can be involved.
And if even just a few will get the message and
not only professionals, I will be delighted.
As far as I´m concerned dance or art in general
has a educational effect in life.

Loop can also be presented in supermarkets
or open public areas. As we now, dance for
herself is a very abstract and ephemera art,
I would like to dedicate my piece to all
mankind, disregarding age or backgrounds
and every in order to feel the motion.

Production: 2005

Choreography & Dance: Angela Lamprianidou
Music: Jannis Christu

Technical details:

Lights: 1 spot
In indoor performances loop can be variated
to work with 3 hanging spots,
changing placement during the performance,
so creating another perception and rhythm.

Stage can be performed at any space, indoor or outdoor,
especially museums, galleries, would work perfect as
opening act for bigger performances, shows etc.

Misc: CDplayer

Duration: 4-5 min.
can prolonged to various repetitions,
so duration can be with breaks about hours.

performed in 2005