Who could judge ?
We are constantly judged by others
or doubly judged, for we also judge.
Silently. Scared by any evidence.

And what if we decide to do it in high
voice ? To show, to exhibit, to face
ourselves. Or, as Pasolini dared say,
to throw the bowels on the table.
Maybe that way the alien judgement
is frustrated, and ours free.
Katharsis is hypocrisy.

Hipocrite: someone who is
not able to accept what he is.
And finally, an interpreter,
an actor, a mime, an impure.
Or so thought the Greeks.

Production: 2005-2006

Direction: Angela Lamprianidou
Choreography: A.Lamprianidou, Susana Vilella

Dancers: A.Lamprianidou, S.Vilella

Coaching: Michelle Swennen
Light&Sound: Paul Rose, Kintxo Salvador
Music: Schubert, G.Christou, Autechre,
Anthony and the Johnsons

Technical details:

Lights: 3 floor focus, 1 central spot, 3 wall focus
Stage: min.20x25 ft,
possibility to hang a bag from the ceiling
Misc: CDplayer
Duration: 40 min

The performance can be adapted to meet all
needs, e.g.duration, enviroment, etc.

performed 2005 at Nau Ibanov, Teatre Estudi, Gava American Lake, CvBarceloneta, La caldera/Barcelona
and at the Outnow Festival/Bremen