El cuerpo del otro (the other's body)
The new show of A.L. refers to the sensuality and 
usage of one's own body and that of the other one. 

A puritan and effective escenography, in which different 
reactions of the body are described, will allow you as 
spectators, create your own stories starting 
with thoughts about your own bodies. 

Her studies of dentistry helped her this time to put 
us into a world at the same time real and fantastic. 
A theory is created that the teeth itself is a body. 
Its characteristics are comparable with our own 
physic and like the maxilla fits into the 
mandibula, one body fits into the other one. 

A performance that certainly doesn't let 
you go home without you having touched 
a part of your body, and hopefully you 
will have someone to practice with. 

Production: 2006-2007 

Direction: Angela Lamprianidou 
Choreography: A.Lamprianidou 

Dancers: Julia Koch, Gerard Cabarrocas

Text: A.Lamprianidou 
Music: Paul Rose 
Paintings: G.Cabarrocas 

Technical Details: 

Lights: 8 Pc, 3 profiler 
Stage: min 20x25ft, Walls to can write on 
Misc: CD-Player 
Duration: 65 min 

performed 2006/07/08 in Barcelona