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  back to emotion
In back to emotion, A. Lamprianidou is proposing a performance which 
is based on a personal interactive meeting with a one-person audience. 
Disassociating herself from the distance we're given in a common stage. 

Because of this the performance will 
take place not in a theater or on a 
stage, it will happen in her own flat. 
This is a big challenge not only 
for the audience but also for 
the performer herself.  
What will happen ? 
Anything or everything ? 
Cava or champagne ? 
Marc Almond or Andrew Williams ? 
Dance me dance you dance we ? 

More information on 
Reserve youre personal entry 
call +4917663459337 

and we clear up date and hour, 
like it should be,no¿ 
No press allowed, 
no mobile phones.