Installation art SIT

The first feeling of
happiness is to shit !

Generally on the
0 near the 0,
you let things go.
To let things go is
something very lovely.
Sometimes it hurts...

But at least you
discover,it was the
best flush vibration.

So art SIT became an
experimental performance.
Art Sit can only be
exhibited in adequately
big bathrooms.

Direction: Angela Lamprianidou
Location: Gossen Hallen,Erlangen

It was in the middle of 1999, as a group of artists came
up to me and asked me if I would like to, as they knew my
fragy style, to design the toilets of a big factory,
during the ARENA dance&theatre festival.

The fabric was big, amazing, offering me totally the spirit
and inspiration to say yes to this project.
We were nearly 20 different artists, musicians, painters,
photographers,etc. So I started to design my part...
a very intimae part, that everybody visits every day...

The result of art SIT, surprised me a lot.
At the beginning it was just a design for fantastic
big bathrooms, but at the end it developed to an
experimental performance, where the people who
supposed to be the audience got to be performer
at the same time.
Of course my spirit, a cassette recorder,
the design and my music gave them
a certain impulse, but I did not helping
them by performing myself.

performed 1999 at Arena Festival/Erlangen