Jaw Release
One of the most impactful part in our skeleton ist the jaw!
Such small articulations of movement, with such a complex 
impact throughout the whole body.

Let me explain it to you simply: Once you are grinding and 
pressing the teeth, your cranium and shoulders, hips, knees 
and feet are reacting to this pressure. 
Once the skeleton is affected, also the organs are reacting. 
A chain reaction of organs and emotions is taking off.

In awareness of these relations I have designed a class 
where you really can learn to release these tensions and 
become aware of what you are thinking, feeling and how 
your jaw influences your posture and movements. 

This class is for everybody who wants include this awareness 
in their life, and also their professional body work training. 
Its a releasing class in every sense!

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What you learn in this class: Relation Skeleton Jaw
Whats behind pressing and grinding or holding and difficulties to let go
How you can release every day tension - and more.